Agritechnology is an Australian bioscience company with a highly skilled team and a unique capability in this part of the world.

We use science to develop new products and processes for clients in agriculture, nutraceuticals, biofuels, and food and beverage production.

Our Expertise

  • Food Science/Technology

    We understand food at a molecular level and are expert in a range of analytical techniques. We have the knowledge and tools to create novel food ingredients superior in taste, performance or value. Read more

  • Fermentation

    Agritechnology are fermentation specialists. Fermentation has a range of applications in food and beverage production, waste treatment biofuel production and bioprocessing. Read more

  • Industrial Solutions

    At Agritechnology, our commercial focus is to design, experiment and scale up with the end point always being industrial scale implementation. Read more

  • Biomass Waste Utilisation

    Agritechnology specialises in analysing biomass waste streams to identify elements with potential value, and in developing techniques for extracting and processing these valuable elements. Read more

Science for hire or problem solving partnerships

We work with clients in different ways. We offer science-for-hire services providing access to our experienced staff, well-equipped laboratories and versatile scale-up facilities. Alternatively, we partner with clients in a journey of discovery: identifying problems, finding innovative solutions and turning those solutions into commercial reality or cutting loose non-performing solutions before they incur significant losses.

Strategic Projects

R&D Tax Incentive

Agritechnology is a registered AusIndustry Research Service Provider (RSP). Clients can engage Agritechnology to perform R&D activities and may be eligible to claim an R&D tax offset for the expenditure, even where the total claim is less than the usual annual threshold of $20,000.

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