How We Work

Agritechnology applies scientific processes to gather genuinely useful information that will support sound decision-making, (ie decisions based on facts), all within the commercial sphere. After all, Agritechnology is a private company that has worked in the commercial world since 1985.

We mainly offer biological solutions to add value to an existing, or new, product or process. Our focus is economically driven; if the proposed solution will not generate income or savings, we aim to reach that conclusion quickly. We don’t want to waste our time, or our clients’ time and money, on poorly performing solutions. Our reward is your success.

No job is too small, or too large, for Agritechnology. We can help you generate a scientifically sound R&D program that you can execute, or we can work together to structure and operate a new venture based on new technology.

Service Offering
We offer the following services as well as being open to other methods of engagement. Contact our Business Development Manager on 6365 2266 to discuss how we can work together.

Consulting (via R&D Access)
You can access Agritechnology’s experienced personnel for a scientific approach to evaluating your proposed solutions.

We can assist with writing R&D programs and in providing program oversight: monitoring progress and harvesting IP.

We can project manage R&D programs, taking responsibility for ensuring they are executed as designed. This option is appropriate for companies without suitable in-house staff and for multi-contributor programs involving a number of teams.

Alternately, we can wholly execute your R&D program undertaking all facets of the program on your behalf.

Scale Up Production
You can use Agritechnology’s expertise and equipment to move technology off the bench top and into a small-scale demonstration plant. Scale up typically involves industrialised trials and the development of industrial processes that can inform the transition to large-scale manufacture.

Agritechnology can also undertake small-scale manufacturing, producing sufficient volume for initial market entry or trials.

Joint Venture
Our co-creation model sees us working with you to create IP to exploit in the wider market, for example via a joint venture, licensing agreement or new enterprise.

Our co-creation activities are focused on ‘new-to-world’ as opposed to ‘new-to-business’ intellectual property.

As a commercial enterprise Agritechnology will invest in projects, however, we should not be considered a primary investment partner. We can assist with technology, business operations and back office support, but we expect clients/partners to address funding.

Method of Engagement

  • 1: Engage with our Business Development Manager

    a. Establish the focus of the work required
    b. Value the problem or opportunity
    c. Our Business Development Manager shares your problem, or opportunity, with Agritechnology experts to identify how we can assist

  • 2: Preliminary Engagement

    You engage Agritechnology, starting with technical discussions with our researchers who apply their wide-ranging expertise to clearly define your problem (or opportunity), propose solutions, and subsequently draft a program of experiments for discussion. We usually do this remotely to minimise expenses, but site visits can be accommodated.

  • 3: Project Engagement

    We define and agree on a program of work. Projects are structured to include appropriate go/no-go milestones and are focused on answering predetermined issues.

    Summary of Milestones
    a. Milestone 1 – Data collection, interpretation, proposed solution
    b. Milestone 2 – Small-scale low cost trials to provide confidence in the proposed solution
    c. Milestone 3 – Production of large enough sample to test the business application, eg market or efficacy trials
    d. Milestone 4 – Implement on commercial scale

For ‘new-to-world’ IP we look at entering into a partnership agreement or joint venture with the client to commercialise the product or solution. We aim to bring our clients along for the whole journey. We work in partnership to find innovative solutions to problems and to commercialise industrial R&D projects.