Biomass Waste Utilisation

Agritechnology specialises in analysing biomass waste streams to identify elements with potential value, and in developing techniques for extracting and processing these valuable elements.

Through fractionation, Agritechnology is able to isolate and identify particular components of a waste stream. We can take biomass plant waste such as canola, feed grains or unsaleable fruits and vegetables and through fractionation separate them into valuable components such as certain lipids, proteins and hydrolysates, nucleotides, polysaccharides, antioxidants and vitamins. For microbial waste streams like yeasts, fungi, bacteria and algae the process is the same.

Fractionation diagram

Biomass waste utilisation offers the benefit of reducing the quantity and cost of waste disposal for producers, and can also generate financial returns.

Agritechnology has the fractionation capacity to provide an initial sample of a few grams up to pilot plant scale up to tonnage quantities.